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Product Enterprise
Australia's fresh milk family


We are a family based co-operative business supporting regional Australia. We are a leader in supplying fresh chilled milk into the global market with our largest market in South East Asia.  We supply the best quality ingredients to ensure the best products are enjoyed by consumers around the globe.


We are Australia’s fresh milk family. Here is a sample of products we are proud to be a part of bringing to your family.

"Quality is everything at Kyvalley Dairy Group. We start with the freshest quality milk from our family farms"

We are proud suppliers to...
a2 Milk


a2 Full Cream Milk – 1ltr

a2 Reduced Full Cream Milk – 1ltr

a2 Full Cream Milk – 1ltr

a2 No Fat Cream Milk – 1ltr



a2 Full Cream Milk – 2ltr

a2 Reduced Full Cream Milk – 2ltr

a2 Full Cream Milk – 2ltr

a2 No Fat Cream Milk – 2ltr


A2 Cream 38% Min Fat

Geelong Dairy.jpeg
Geelong Dairy

We know Geelong is the home of good sports, good surf, good views, good friends and good times.

Well at Geelong Dairy we’d like to add a few to the list. Like good work, by good people, bringing

good flavour and good quality that’s good for you and good for your family. Geelong Dairy. Full of

local GOODness.

Full Cream Milk 1lt, 2lt and 3lt

Light Milk 1lt, 2lt and 3lt

Kyvalley Farms

Introducing our very own, Award-Winning, Kyvalley Farms range of delicious fresh milk.


Full Cream Milk 1lt and 2lt

Reduced Fat Milk 1lt and 2lt

Organic Full Cream Milk 1lt

Thickened Cream 5lt

Kiewa Country

Kiewa Country milk is sourced from local farmers of the Kiewa Valley. Ensuring you receive the best milk from some our country's best dairy farming families.

Available in white milk (full cream and reduced fat), iced coffee and chocolate.


True Organic is now a recognisable brand and is one of the largest manufacturers of certified organic dairy and the biggest supplier of organic milk in Australia.

True Organic milk is sustainably produced and free from synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and antibiotics. 

Our products features in these delicious artesian style ice-creams

Traditional Italian cheeses need the finest and freshest ingredients, ours

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