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Australia's fresh milk family
Wayne, Peter and David Mulcahy

We are the largest employer in our community across our farms and processing facilities in the Kyabram Shire with over 150 staff and contractors.  Our security and growth benefits our staff, contractors, suppliers, local businesses, family and wider community to support regional development in Victoria and Australia.

Our products could not be produced without the support of the wider community and we acknowledge this support over the last 160 years. As a family business we will continue to develop secure dairy production systems and products that will benefit our regional community over generations to come and which consumers can trust.

We are Australia’s fresh milk family that includes all the community that work and benefit from the quality fresh milk products we produce.

Our Family Group 

As a business family our story is ever evolving and believe in planning for future generations. As believers in leading family business practice we have a number of additional businesses owned by our family branches that play important roles in our continued growth and develop that firmly cements our place as Australia's fresh milk family bringing a true grass to glass range of fresh chilled milks. Here are some of our family branch entities.

INIONBA PASTORAL logo 1_3x.png

Inionba Pastoral is a farming entity supplying milk to our processing plant and growing fodder to support all of the Mulcahy family farms. It is lead by Peter Mulcahy together with his daughters, Victoria and Alexandra - our 6th generation of dairy farmers.

With dairy as part of their DNA Victoria and Alexandra are strong advocates for the success of the dairy industry. They are supported by their sisters, Stephanie, Elise and Emma and by their mother, Mandy.

Kyvalley Farms Logo (blue) FINAL art 300

Kyvalley Farms supports David Mulcahy with the support of his sons, Brendan, directly on the farms and Michael in a strategic role. This farming group supplies milk to the Kyabram processing plant.

Brandan has a passion for all things machinery and operates across the Mulcahy family farms. Michael financial background brings a non dairy skill set to the family groups strategic planning.

All the children of David and Rosalie Mulcahy, including Stephen and Danielle, enjoy their time on farm helping out since they were small children.

Laneway Dairy.png

Laneway Dairy is the newest of the Mulcahy farms and although one of the smallest is still an important supplier to the factory.


This entity is a joint venture that includes David and Rosalie Mulcahy together with Wayne and Vona Mulcahy together with the Boyce family, who are also the first and currently only non-family shareholders in Kyvalley Dairy Group.

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