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Dairy Enterprise
Farmer Based Suppliers

Our family farmer based fresh milk suppliers include Mulcahy family farms and other long term district families. Collectively the dairies provide over 75 million litres per annum to the Kyabram processing facilities and range from A2, A1 and Organic supply. 


We are always welcoming more families into our Group and work with each one to support improvement in processes, quality and sustainability.  For further information on becoming a supplier please contact us.


Our dairies operate on a flat milking supply curve which means that volume is relatively consistent all year round.  Our genetics and health of the herd allows us to produce over 12,000 litres annual milk production per cow.  Comparison average rates in Australia are around 5,611 litres per annum. (Refer ANZ Report)


Together with our co-operative farm suppliers we manage over 7,500 dairy cows which represents one of Australia’s largest dairy herds. 


Our cows are milked twice per day and sometimes three times after birthing.  Milk is chilled at the dairies and collected daily for processing at the Kyabram processing facilities.  The industry leading shelf life of Kyvalley Dairies is achieved through the ability to consistently process milk on the same day as milking.  No other corporate dairy facility can guarantee 26 days shelf life all year round as we believe we have the highest quality and freshest milk in Australia.

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