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Fodder Enterprise
Nutrition Quality

A dairy cows diet is made up of energy, protein, fibre and quality water.  It is the proportions of each that determine if the diet is nutritionally balanced.  The nutritional system used on Kyvalley Dairy farms ensures that livestock receive the right amount of protein sources, minerals and nutritional value to blend with the appropriate hay and grain feed mixtures to ensure the highest quality milk production.

Water Quality

Feed production utilises the majority of water sourced through the Goulburn Basin river system managed by the Goulburn-Murray Water Authority. Terrain in the Goulburn River Basin varies from the Snowy mountains high ranges to the Murray Plains. Our feed production irrigation water is sourced from the streams of the Strathbogie Ranges, into the Goulburn River and the Murray River.

Learn more about water quality.

Feed Production

Our feed production systems are developed in conjunction with leading Australian nutritional consultants and Landmark Agronomy services.  All feed provided to livestock must meet stringent quality control guidelines.  Only the best quality feed produces fresh milk with a shelf life capable of 26 days.

Learn more about our extensive testing.

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