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Milk Processing Enterprise
Bio Dynamic Processing Systems

Our milk processing systems have been designed to segregate production for a2, non a2 and organic products.  To run a bio dynamic processing system requires the highest level of quality control to ensure the consumer receives full traceability on the product purchased.


Our Kyabram processing facility can process 100 million litres annually of fresh chilled milk production, which can be delivered domestically or internationally to customers.


We can also source suppliers through our secure supply chain to develop brands which can have 100% traceability through from paddock to plate.


Since 2002 we have been providing the a2 Milk Company with a secure source and processing traceability from our Kyabram facilities for over 40% of their domestic fresh chilled milk supply.


For further information on our Bio Dynamic Processing Systems please contact Wayne Mulcahy.

Safety and Quality

Safety and quality is our number one focus.  To be trusted by our domestic and international customers we provide an industry leading production facility that produces a 26 day shelf life.  We have less than 1% wastage from our milk production and employ water use efficiency and energy practices.


Our staff and contractors have the least amount of lost time days in the industry and we provide a work environment that is a friendly and community minded regional workplace with long-term employment retention.  We are fully certified in all domestic and international certifications to enable production and distribution for a customers product.

Our Range

We specialise in fresh chilled milk through a bio dynamic production system preserving product ingredient integrity.


Our range includes:

Bottled Milk (available in 1 litre, 2 litre HDPE bottles.)

Full cream milk

Reduced fat milk

No fat milk

Non Homogenised

Bulk milk (available in 1,000 litre pallecons and full tanker loads)

Cream (available in 2 litre and 5 litre, 1000 litre pallecons)

Pure Cream

Thickened cream

Thermalised cream

a2 Milk on processing line
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