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Kiewa Country to remain in Regional Victorian hands

Kyvalley Dairy Group have today announced that they have negotiated the purchase of the Kiewa Country brand and manufacturing equipment from Murray Goulburn Co-operative Co Limited.

The purchase by Kyvalley Dairy Group will see an iconic brand remain not only in Australian hands but in Northern Victorian hands. Kyvalley Dairy Group is owned by brothers, Wayne, Peter and David Mulcahy, the fifth generation of a family that has been part of the Australian dairy legacy for 160 years. The Mulcahy family understand the importance of a strong dairy industry together with supporting farmers and jobs for regional Victoria, they currently employ over 120 staff and are growing domestically and internationally.

Peter Mulcahy says, “Kyvalley Dairy believes in the Australian dairy industry and we are investing in its future. With the purchase of Kiewa Country, we are continuing our support of local communities.” This sentiment of growth is supported by Kyvalley Dairy Group CEO, Alastair McCredden “As a family owned fresh milk business this purchase provides an opportunity to relaunch a cherished brand and continue jobs growth in regional Victoria.”

The acquisition supports regional growth across Northern Victoria and will provide Kyvalley Dairy the opportunity to increase supply of fresh milk both domestically and internationally and a boost for the Australian dairy industry.

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