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Kyvalley Dairy Group supports ALDI commitment to dairy farmers

The Australian dairy industry has been under pressure with low milk prices being paid by some producers. Kyvalley Dairy Group, a family owned Australian business recognised this was an issue for dairy farmers, coupled with tough weather conditions. They released their drought package for farmers in September 2018 and have continued to work with customers and suppliers to ensure the longevity of support.

Kyvalley Dairy has been supplying the ALDI Farmdale fresh milk to the Derrimut distribution centre since December 2018. During this time the businesses have held productive discussions to ensure that dairy farmers are being supported. ALDI Australia have announced they are increasing their prices for 2 litre and 3 litre Farmdale fresh milk by 20 cents and 30 cents respectively. This increase is being directly passed on to Australian dairy farmers, in full.

Kyvalley Dairy Group CEO, Alastair McCredden said, “We have been working closely with ALDI to support our dairy farmers not only during drought conditions but as an ongoing value proposition to keep the Australian dairy industry viable and sustainable for generations.”.

Wayne Mulcahy, a Director and a family member of the 160 year Kyvalley Dairy legacy said, “We acted early to support our dairy farmers and we recognise that ALDI has worked to absorb it’s contribution to drought relief packages and the ongoing dairy pricing issues, however no business can continue to absorb increases where there is no foreseeable end”. He went on to explain that “Kyvalley Dairy works in the best interest of its milk suppliers to offer reasonable and sustainable pricing and we believe that this small on shelf price increase to the public will be a positive move as it is the opportunity for everyone to participate in helping regional Australia and the hard working farming families that feed our nation”.

ALDI Australia's Farmdale Milk

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