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Provenance Matters: Geelong Dairy Milk launched

A new milk that is sourced and bottled locally in Geelong has hit the supermarket shelves in the Geelong and Surf Coast region over the last few weeks. Geelong Dairy is a collaboration between Kyvalley Dairy Group and it’s branding arm, The Remarkable Milk Company. Kyvalley Dairy Group is the owner and operator of the North Geelong factory and is a family-owned Australian business that is over 160 years old in the Australian Dairy industry.

The Geelong Dairy milk is sourced from the Western District and bottled in North Geelong at the Kyvalley Dairy Group factory, providing a truly local product that is helping create employment in the Geelong region and provides the community with a quality dairy product at competitive pricing.

Kyvalley Dairy Group, Director and Remarkable Milk Company Chief Executive Officer, Alastair McCredden, said the brand had been in development for more than 12 months. “We are a family owned dairy business that has been operating in regional communities for over 160 years. We see the Geelong Dairy brand, that is processed & packed by our passionate team in Geelong, as a real opportunity to connect with the Geelong region. Strategically the factory is a really important asset to the business, one we hope to see thrive, expand and offer an exciting new career choice to the workers of Geelong, all while bringing quality local products to market.”

The Geelong Dairy fresh milk range is now available in all good retail outlets across the Geelong region.

To learn more about the Local Goodness launch campaign and to find a store near you go to Geelong Dairy.


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