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Kyvalley Dairy Group recognised for excellence on National Family Business Day

Kyvalley Dairy Group, a regional based family owned Australian business in Kyabram Victoria, have been awarded the 2017 Family Business Australia Victorian Hall of Fame award. The award recognises family businesses that demonstrate leading practices and contribute positively to the family business community, economy and culture.

The Mulcahy family own and operate Kyvalley Dairy Group and have a family history in dairy spanning 160 years. Fifth generation family member, Peter Mulcahy says “As we prepare to celebrate our 160 years in the making, this November, we are honoured to have been recognised by Family Business Australia for the Hall of Fame award”.

Family Business Australia Victoria State Committee Chair, Sara Pantaleo describes the award, “Family businesses, and those going through generational change, can struggle to find their best path, and those businesses inducted to the Hall of Fame act, as a motivating example on how to successfully navigate building a family business”.

Kyvalley Dairy Group Independent Director and Chairman of the Mulcahy Family Office, Richard Boyce, describes the evolution of the Mulcahy family business as a leading practice family blending family and corporate culture to create Australia’s leading fresh milk family.

The business supports over 150 staff and contractors and are committed to regional Victoria, including the recent expansions by purchasing the Kiewa Country brand from Murray Goulburn with the aim of supporting more dairy families across Victoria.

“To receive this recognition on National Family Business Day in the Victorian Parliament makes our inclusion in the Family Business Australia Victorian Hall of Fame more significant and really drives home what we are all about, supporting our family including our team to provide families with fresh milk that is of the highest quality through every part of our production value chain” says Peter Mulcahy.

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