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Drought Assistance Package

As one of Australia’s largest family owned dairy company’s Kyvalley Dairy understand the impact the drought is having across regional Australia and it’s farming families.

Last week Kyvalley Dairy Group CEO, Alastair McCredden contacted their milk suppliers to offer support. Alastair said, “The business recognised that the prolonged dryer than normal conditions, high temporary water prices, increased costs of fodder and lack of availability of quality feed have led to a tough year for their milk suppliers”. He had spoken with suppliers to advise them of an increase in milk price to help offset the current climatic conditions.

The Kyvalley Dairy Group announcement involves an immediate increase of prices and family Director Wayne Mulcahy said, “We recognise that our hard working and loyal milk suppliers are doing it tough at the moment. We felt that we needed to act and provide certainty to our supply base so that they can plan their way through to the end of the season”. He went on to explain that “The advantage of being a privately owned vertically integrated dairy business, is that we can see the issue unfolding and react in a timely manner, at the end of the day we are committed to supporting our local communities”.

The announcement is recognition of the seriousness of the prolonged drought that is affecting farmers across the country. The business understands the importance of keeping Australian farmers on the land and supporting regional areas and the families that live in them. Kyvalley Dairy Group say they will continue to work closely with suppliers to support each other through this drought.

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